• Follow the principles of Lean.

  • Manage ideas.

  • Select & implement the best ones.

  • Encourage innovation.

  • Boost your social adoption.

  • Reward employees.

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Manage ideas with LIKE MY IDEA!

LIKE MY IDEA is a social business solution that provides gathering and managing organizational ideas in just one place. Being valuable idea management tool, it is permeated in unique and transparent manner with lean thinking and visual management, leading to continuous improvement process.
This business software represents collaboration platform that allows every member of the community to express, elaborate and show his or her ideas to other members in an easy, fun and motivating way.

Based on


LMI software solution for business rests on IBM Connections, market leading social network platform. Since it is people-centric, it is possible to collaborate safely, thrive networking through Communities and inspire innovation at any place.

In case your company already uses IBM Connections, it can be easily integrated in your existing environment.

Solution by


CROZ is an IT company oriented at finance and public sector as well as other large IT systems. CROZ’s services include turn-key projects or professional services including education, consulting and implementation in certain segments. CROZ’s team counts more than 170 employees located in Zagreb and Belgrade.

When selecting LMI, customer can choose between on-premises and Saas innovation management solution.
Also they can opt for the Light or Full version.