Like My Idea

LIKE MY IDEA as an idea management platform enables the implementation of continuous improvement process activities on the lean basis. By following those principles of lean methodology, special attention is given to added value for end users of products and services that organization offers on market.


IBM Connections and IBM BPM integration

Studies have shown that the great ideas are most frequently made individually, but, on the other hand, the best way to develop them is collectively.

This social business solution is primarily conceptualized as collaboration tool and represents a virtual place where employees can spread the word about their exciting ideas, vote for them and promote them. Not only that the method of the idea management is more efficient, but also the interaction is being enhanced as IBM Connections platform offers business networking. It ensures proper motivation of employees, as well as creating the positive competition among them.

After prospective ideas are selected, they are pushed into the business process management tool to start the approval process of their possible realization. The whole idea life cycle is followed through IBM BPM.

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