Overview of LMI business solution

LIKE MY IDEA presents the platform for implementation of Continuous improvement process and allows every member of the community to express, elaborate and show their ideas to other members in an easy, fun and motivating way. By following the principles of Lean methodology special attention is given to added value for end users of products and services that organization offers on market.

And how are the management and continuous improvement process actualized within this collaboration platform?

Idea process 2

LIKE MY IDEA solution provides an organization effective way to collect the best ideas from employees and build a motivating organizational atmosphere for innovation. The continuous improvement process itself is driven through business process management. Besides lean process management and collaborative platform, LIKE MY IDEA comes with different motivation mechanisms for employees, such as gamification, scoreboards, idea challenges, idea jams, voting limits and more.

IBM Connections meets IBM BPM

The idea behind LIKE MY IDEA is straightforward – bringing the best-of-breed platforms with different purposes together, so that users can get extra benefits on both sides of the integration. We leverage IBM Connections to engage users to bring ideas to their communities; also using IBM BPM to harvest those ideas (when they are mature enough, when they get a predefined number of votes) and walk them through a continuous improvement process defined in IBM BPM. The process itself can be complex or simple, defined by the customer at will.

We believe that a key success factor of this integration is the two way communication – an idea is not «lost» in BPM once a process is instantiated. Each and every change in the process is sent back to the Connections LMI community so that everyone can see the whole life of every idea that got the right amount of votes.