Encourage innovation!

Motivating employees to be more creative and innovative in the workplace is certainly a big challenge. Combination of business environment that fosters innovation and effective collaboration on software solution might be the right way of keeping the motivation at desirable level.

Collaboration on ideasSupport creativity and new ideas

Only creative environment has a potential to be prosperous. When encouraging creativity, thinking outside of the box becomes common. If employees show initiative by expressing an idea or a solution, they believe that it is the amelioration for the whole organization. Showing the attention to fresh suggestion, giving the opportunity to elaborate them is definitely motivating, regardless of the outcome. Also, listening to employees will also provide much-needed insight on your business from the people thanks to who it keeps on running.

Reward employees

Everyone likes to be rewarded and recognized for a good job. A good reward scheme is a great motivator for putting ideas forward. When acknowledgement comes from management it will have even greater significance to the employee. Gamification is a great way for tracking and recording success, but determination of the proper mix of tangible incentives to get employees eager to share ideas is important as well.

Create collaborative environment

The fact is that the best ideas come from collaboration. One person might come up with a good idea, but others can work on it, give suggestions and comments, expanding it to the great idea. Grouping employees into communities is a perfect way of keeping the focus on teamwork and cooperation.

Provide feedback

Employees appreciate receiving feedback on ideas they’ve put effort in. Development of innovative ideas surely requires evaluation and feedback system led by upper management. Crowdsourcing could be also a method of gathering a feedback from the community, where members can vote on ideas and leave comments. Giving employees feedback on their ideas is essential if you want to encourage posting more innovative ideas.

Stimulate friendly competition

A competitive environment is also a productive one. Participating in competitions or challenges is engaging and healthy for business surrounding. It might even lead to better networking.

Offer technology-supported idea and knowledge sharing

According to IBM research, people are more productive, engaged, and inter-communicative when there are diverse online communication options and features. By using corporate social media solution that offers variety of applications, company is able to collect viewpoints and ideas from different employees’ profiles, but even outside parties, such as customers.

Incorporate fun

Indicators have shown that communities with more freedom and openness to informal atmosphere are more successful, since people are more prone to express themselves. When fun is embedded into everyday work, creativity and innovation can bloom.

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