German company ARS introduces LMI to leverage collaboration and idea sharing

Our idea management solution has entered the German market. We are proud to announce that ARS, renowned IT company based in Munich and our multi-annual partner, has introduced LIKE MY IDEA collaborative solution into their everyday business.

ARS introduced idea management solution LMI

ARS is primarily a consulting and programming company, and IBM premier business partner. Furthermore, they provide IBM license management consulting services.

Main goal of this project was to improve collaboration and overall performance within the Company. The distinguished ideation areas for ARS are Marketing, Recruiting and Business in general. With this modern and easy-to-use business tool it is possible to keep employees motivated and engaged in exchange of knowledge, experience and ideas.

ARS decided to choose the hosted option of this business solution, thanks to which full technical services and support are provided by CROZ. All it takes to access LMI anywhere and any time is Internet connection and a browser. Having a cloud-based LMI, they can focus more on innovation instead of managing resources.

Implementation of this type of solution requires adjustment of organizational culture and identification of the early adopters. We can confirm that ARS has done the homework excellently. Through it all, CROZ was ensuring user support and know-how to use the tool. About fifteen users were getting acquainted with LMI for a month or two, creating communities, filling them with materials, collaborating on ideas, participating in knowledge sharing and networking. By doing so ARS successfully went through the testing phase, moving to the production phase where it was introduced to the remaining users.

Opting for Full version of LMI, ARS employees are getting vivid social platform with variety of useful collaboration features, while the company leadership benefits by idea evaluation and implementation process.

With joining the Social Collaboration movement, in ARS they do not only use LIKE MY IDEA internally, but also sell it Germany-wide.