Idea challenge in the service of naming a special employee!

Social media has been abuzz the last couple of days about how CROZ has hired a new employee, and it’s time for us to officially introduce you to him!

It is about humanoid robot and CROZ’s first full techno employee! Even though everyone immediately warmed to it, there was a tiny problem – how to choose his name!
LMI idea management solution once again proved itself as the ideal solution for this kind of issue. We had opened up the LMI Idea challenge in order to gather all the suggestions from our employees. There were two ideas that graduated, i.e. collected the most votes; Elvis and ZORG.

LMI challenge

Most of the CROZ employees found charming the first suggestion (Elvis), since the little robot can move its hips in the way that it reminds of Elvis Presley dance. The second one (ZORG), arises from our company’s logo, but according to Urban dictionary also represents someone who plays computer games to much.

Due to the unresolved outcome, new Ideation blog has been opened so that all the employees could again participate in finding a solution for the name, in a form of an idea. After the voting round number two, Elvis turned out to be a winner.



Elvis is 58 cm tall, he walks, recognizes people, hears and talks. From a technical perspective, this little wonder is a unique combination of software and hardware: it consists of sensors, motors and the NAOqi operating system, and performs all its magic due to programming. With the help of a myriad of graphical and programming tools, it is becoming a real, miniature man. There are currently over 7,000 of these robots out in the world, utilized in schools, companies and universities.


Considering its high level performance and ability (two cameras, 25 degree freedom of movement, an inertial sensor to let him know if he’s standing, sitting, or lying down, touch sensors, targeted microphones, etc.), it’s only programmers imagination that sets limit to its capabilities.

We are excited to hang out with our new pal, Elvis, but also to program and manage him in many different ways.