LMI presented at the IBM Campus 2013 in Romania

IBM Campus 2013 event that took place between April 17th and 19th 2013th in Bucharest, exclusively designed for pre-sales and technical audience in order to familiarize with current hardware & software novelties, also ensured for LIKE MY IDEA solution to be presented in Romania.

Luka Gauta (CROZ) has presented the LMI solution, highlighting new functionality as well as the current roadmap. Participants in the event have shown great interest in the solution, initiating an interesting discussion about the cultural influences on the environment in which the LMI solution is positioning. The importance of strategic preparation that preceded the introduction of solutions in the business environment and social expertise of consultants involved in the implementation process have also been emphasized, as well as the openness and management support throughout the process of forming a stimulating work environment.

On the very event it was announced that LMI solution installation in PureFlex system in Virtual Innovation Center in Ljubljana is in preparation.
Installation is completely on IBM hardware, and includes the Linux operating system (not AIX), IBM Connections and IBM BPM platform.