Styria Media Group is now an LMI user

Styria Media Group, the leading media company in the region of Austria, Slovenia and Croatia has become the largest user of IBM Connections and CROZ’s LIKE MY IDEA innovative social business solution in Croatia. With almost 3000 employees, this company specializes in disseminating information, including 8 newspapers, more than 130 periodicals, numerous magazines, 6 publishers, and two radio stations, and partially owns a TV station.

The key to success for this company, established in 1869, lies in motivated and creative employees and tracking the newest technological and corporate trends. This is why, among other reasons, part of the Croatian Styria Media Group chose to implement an idea management solution.

Continuous improvement through idea management

Styria IT was searching for a software solution for collaboration management for a long time and found it in the IBM Connections solution, the market leader in that domain. However, when they came across CROZ’s LIKE MY IDEA solution, they found it to be exactly in line with their goals and it delivered out-of-the-box functionalities for stimulating innovation in the organization.

Implementation of this kind of solution into a part of organization includes complete cultural change that stimulates transparency in communication. Collaboration mechanisms and innovation principles certainly contribute in meeting desired objective. Considering all this, implementation must be undertaken carefully, with appropriate leadership and expertise, in this case ensured by CROZ.

Halfway through 2015, the adoption process was successfully completed by Styria IT and CROZ representatives. Pixel Media, which works as a part of Styria Media Group, was one of the early adopters of the aforementioned solution. Through this process, it was demonstrated how simple it actually is to move over to the new way of working, and their experience set a prototype of the adoption process for the other members of the Group. Since innovation itself presents a safe to fail environment, as well as exercising the continuous improvement concept, we can foresee that in the adoption process each of the remaining members can recommend additional optimization of the prototype.

                              Photo: LMI user interface


By implementing IBM Connections and LIKE MY IDEA solution, Styria confirmed its strategical direction, aimed at the local market, as the leader in the field of innovation. Considering their large network of current and future readers and users, we can expect a direct influence on the advancement of the media experience in Croatia and abroad.